Clue Hunts

For a fresh take on our puzzles and immersive game adventures, take the fun OUTSIDE! Breakout Saint John’s Outdoor Puzzle Adventure exercises both brain and body as you jump into augmented reality to solve puzzles and journey around our community hunting for clues.

Saint John Outdoor Puzzle Hunt

Saint John Outdoor Puzzle Hunt

Get ready to head Outside!

Experience a whole new way to explore beautiful Uptown Saint John. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy, a day out with your favourite pals, or a fun twist on those same-old corporate team building games – this one’s sure to be a hit with any group.

Breakout Saint John’s Outdoor Puzzle Adventure is an exciting and interactive clue hunt that lets you tackle our mind-testing puzzles while learning a little about Saint John. The game features a bit of augmented reality and will also get you out of the office to get some exercise and fresh air!

Got a group up for some friendly competition? The game can be started in 4 different locations so your teams can compete against each other!

Saint John Outdoor Puzzle Hunt

Time Traveller

Details coming soon!!

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