Saint John’s Outdoor Puzzle Adventure

Get ready to head Outside!

Experience a whole new way to explore beautiful Uptown Saint John. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy, a day out with your favourite pals, or a fun twist on those same-old corporate team building games – this one’s sure to be a hit with any group.

Breakout Saint John’s Outdoor Puzzle Adventure is an exciting and interactive clue hunt that lets you tackle our mind-testing puzzles while learning a little about Saint John. The game features a bit of augmented reality and will also get you out of the office to get some exercise and fresh air!

Got a group up for some friendly competition? The game can be started in 4 different locations so your teams can compete against each other!

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Here's how to get your outdoor adventure started:

  • Visit our hunt’s page on ClueKeeper and purchase a hunt code.
  • Download the Cluekeeper App onto your mobile device in the App Store, Play Store or directly from their website.
  • Login/Sign-up (using your Google account makes it super easy!)
  • Add your teammates
  • Go ahead and explore Uptown Saint John!

If you are looking to develop a custom outdoor adventure for your event or tourist attraction/city/town, click here to learn about our sister company, Outwit Adventures, and their Game Development Services.

Common Questions

Clue Hunt FAQ

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about how to get started. You can always call or email us too, we’re happy to answer your questions!


Cluekeeper ( is the company who hosts our hunt within their platform. You have to download their app (which is free) to access and play our clue hunt.


You have to purchase a hunt code from our page to use in the Cluekeeper app. We recommend you be in an area with a reliable Wifi connection during this process (quicker and will not use as much mobile data). If you are downloading from Uptown Saint John, the “Saint John Free Wifi” is usually easily accessible from the Market Square area.


If you don’t want to register for a Cluekeeper account, you can play as a Guest. We recommend at least one player ( the “Master”) have an account. Then, they can add players to the team. If you are playing as a Guest, your guest ID will appear at the bottom of your screen, which is what the “Master” will need to add you to the team. Enter it exactly as it appears on your screen.

Add Players

Once you’ve got the Cluekeeper App on your device and enter your Hunt Code, you can add up to 5 other players to the team. To do this, the “Master” (the person who entered the code) clicks the menu from the start screen of the hunt (3 dots/lines in the upper right corner of the app). Go to “Add Team Member”. Team members must have Cluekeeper accounts or be registered as a Guest, and must download the Cluekeeper app to play on their device.

Data Use

Please note that the hunt will require some mobile data usage. Most can be played within the “Free Saint John WiFi” zone but some will fall outside of it. It does not use very much data (when tested, it was approx. 40MB). If everyone on the team stays connected, you will all be able to access puzzles, but only one person enters the solutions.

Take Photos!

We’re so used to taking customer photos after they’ve had a great time playing our escape room games. Since we won’t be with you for this one, share some pics and tag us or use #SJPuzzleAdventure or #BreakoutSJ when you post to social media!

Game Code

You must purchase a hunt code from our hunt page and use the hunt code through the Cluekeeper app. When purchasing and downloading the hunt, it is best to be in a Wifi area with a reliable Wifi connection. This will make it go quicker and will not use as much of your data. If you are downloading uptown, the Saint John free Wifi is fairly easy to access in Market Square area.

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Take Pictures

We are used to taking our customer’s photos after they’ve had a great time in our games. Since we won’t be with you, please take some pics and tag us in them! You can also use #SJPuzzleAdventure or #BreakoutSJ.

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