Portable Games

(for rental onsite in our meeting/conference room or offsite at your location)

Looking for something fun to add to your convention, fundraiser, community event, wellness day, etc? Perhaps you are looking for a team building activity that can come to you. We currently offer 6 different themed portable games and can’t wait to add to this collection. Feel free to contact us with any questions related to these games.

Laced Cargo

Can you find the smuggled cargo and bring the smugglers to justice?

Dying to Retire

Having a large dinner, conference or corporate party? Try our portable 1.5 hour mega game. Can you be the first team to solve the murder of Mr. Burns?

The Cube

Can you solve The Cube and make the team for the upcoming, lucrative Heist job?


Our portable 10-15 minute, military-themed mini-game set-up in our 10×10 tent. Can you disarm the bomb and save your army camp in time?

Whitebeard Treasure

Our kid-friendly, portable 10-15min, pirate-themed mini-game. Can you steal Whitebeard’s Treasure before his crew returns?


Having a large dinner, conference or corporate party? Try our portable 1-1.5 hour mega game. Can you return the stolen jewel before you are caught?

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