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We currently have 5 onsite, themed, immersive escape room games. In addition, we have our temporary game, Laced Cargo. While Laced Cargo is less immersive, it is still a challenging puzzle experience. We also have portable games that can be played at your location of choice, including mega-mystery games for 100+ players! Each of our games offers unique puzzles and a unique experience – we’re sure you will want to try them all! We recommend participating as a group of 4 or more for certain rooms as some require a minimum of 3-4 players due to elements in the game. Each escape room is a unique experience ranging from discovering pirate treasure, to escaping a nightmare, to even participating in a game show!

If you’d like to book multiple rooms, please email [email protected]

Million Dollar Game Show Challenge

Can you complete the challenge and win the Million Dollars before time runs out?

The Lost Wand of Jewel Wintercloak

Gather your group of mages and master the trials of nature before the approaching storm destroys the village of Faralim!

Virtual – Under Surveillance

Can you figure out who trying to hack your company’s research and stop them before it is too late?

Virtual – The Love Diffuser

Do you have the puzzle solving and communication skills to figure out the secrets of the machine, work together and release the diffuser’s love energy? Help Valentine Corporation in their mission to heal our world!

Captain Kidd’s Lost Treasure

Solve Captain Kidd’s clues aboard his former vessel Adventure Galley and you may just find the long Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd.

The Nightmare

Can you conquer your Nightmares or will you be trapped inside them forever?

Large-Group Games

Dying to Retire

Having a large dinner, conference or corporate party? Try our portable 1.5 hour mega game. Can you be the first team to solve the murder of Mr. Burns?


Having a large dinner, conference or corporate party? Try our portable 1-1.5 hour mega game. Can you return the stolen jewel before you are caught?



Our portable 10-15 minute, military-themed mini-game set-up in our 10×10 tent. Can you disarm the bomb and save your army camp in time?

Whitebeard Treasure

Our kid-friendly, portable 10-15min, pirate-themed mini-game. Can you steal Whitebeard’s Treasure before his crew returns?

Portable 1-Hour Games

Laced Cargo

Can you find the smuggled cargo and bring the smugglers to justice?

The Cube

Can you solve The Cube and make the team for the upcoming, lucrative Heist job?

Looking for something different? Check out our Clue Hunts!

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We are operating with reduced hours due to COVID-19 and will be adjusting our schedule frequently. It is best to check our booking calendar for availability.
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