Trapped 2: Floor 9

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Based on difficulty level and the creepy, dark atmosphere, players must be
13 years old to play on their own, 11 with parental accompaniment.

When it comes to travelling, you haven’t had good luck recently.

A traumatic experience on a road trip last year lead you to being “Trapped in Room 15” by a psychopathic serial killer who used a motel to lure his victims. After you managed to escape, the authorities were never able to find the motel’s owner. You haven’t left home for an overnight trip since, until tonight. The hotel you booked seems nice enough, except the maintenance man gave you a very unsettling and vaguely familiar look. When your elevator stops on Floor 9, which the staff told you was currently closed for maintenance, you realize why that maintenance man sent chills up your spine, but it’s a little too late…

Limitations – This room has areas where wheelchairs cannot access – please contact us to speak with a Gamemaster about booking this room if you have accessibility needs.



Read what others thought of the room. No Spoilers, we promise!


Read what others thought of the room. No Spoilers, we promise!

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