The Time Traveller Play-At-Home Escape Room

Play an Escape Room from the comfort of your home!

From our sister company Outwit Adventures comes The Time Traveller; an AR puzzle adventure you can play anytime, anywhere. Experience a whole new kind of Escape Room from the comfort of your own home. Link up with family and friends, or just play alone at your own pace; The Time Traveller is a great adventure for groups of any size!

When a rogue scientist makes off with a prototype time machine, you and your team are called on to track him down! Follow his trail by opening portals in time and space, and explore immersive augmented reality puzzle rooms to see where he’s gone next. Will you catch up with him before its too late?

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Here's how to get your adventure started:

  • Click the button above to purchase a game code
  • Download the app onto your mobile device in the App Store or Play Store
  • Sign up in the app, and enter your game code
  • Add your teammates and choose your team name
  • Begin your adventure!

If you are looking to develop a custom outdoor or mobile adventure for your event or tourist attraction/city/town, click here to learn about our sister company, Outwit Adventures, and their Game Development Services.

Common Questions

Time Traveller FAQ

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about how to get started. You can always call or email us too, we’re happy to answer your questions!

Outwit Adventures

Outwit Adventures is Breakout Saint John’s sister company, focusing on developing web and mobile experiences. If you’ve ever played one of our virtual games, you’ve tried their work before!


Though you’ll have to purchase a game code to play, the app itself is free to download. We recommend you be in an area with a reliable Wifi connection during this process (quicker and will not use as much mobile data). If you are downloading from Uptown Saint John, the “Saint John Free Wifi” is usually easily accessible from the Market Square area.

Data Use

Once the game is downloaded, very little data is required. Just enough to communicate your game progress with any other teammates, to add your time to our Scoreboard, or to post in-game pictures to your social media.

Take Photos!

We’re so used to taking customer photos after they’ve had a great time playing our escape room games. Since we won’t be with you for this one, share some pics and tag us or use #OutwitAdventures or #BreakoutSJ when you post to social media!

Game Code

You must purchase a game code from this page and enter it into the Time Traveller app to play. When downloading the app, it is best to be in a Wifi area with a reliable Wifi connection. This will make it go quicker and will not use as much of your data. If you are downloading uptown, the Saint John free Wifi is fairly easy to access in Market Square area.

Buy Game Code

Take Pictures

We are used to taking our customer’s photos after they’ve had a great time in our games. Since we won’t be with you, please take some pics and tag us in them! You can also use #OutwitAdventures or #BreakoutSJ!

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